Frequently asked questions

A valid driver’s license and current proof of insurance are required to test drive a vehicle. Please have the required documentation available upon arrival. A copy will be made of each document provided before leaving the dealership.

In order to hold or reserve a for sale vehicle at any of our locations new or used a deposit is required:

New Vehicle – $1,000
Used Vehicle – $500

Additional requirements include a completed and signed purchase agreement as well as a completed credit application if not paying cash for the vehicle being held. The maximum hold period is 24 hours from the time the deposit and necessary paperwork is received and completed. If the vehicle is not purchased after placing a hold on the vehicle the deposit is forfieted by the customer. Certain vehicles can and will be excluded from the hold policy, ask a dealership representative for details.

In compliance with the FTC safeguard rules for customer information security all vehicle recording devices must be powered down when entering any of our facilities. This is to prevent interference with vehicle testing equipment and to prevent the illegal capture of customer information.

A 3% surcharge will be added on all credit card transactions over $1,000, which is not greater than our cost of acceptance. We do not surcharge debit card transactions.